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August 13-14, 2020

Union South, University of Wisconsin Madison

Conference Agenda Overview

2020 details coming soon!


2020 details coming soon!

Keynote Speakers

2020 details coming soon!

Our Story

The Play Make Learn Conference promotes high-quality learning opportunities for educators, researchers, developers, designers, foundation leaders, policy makers, museum and library professionals, and school leaders who are dedicated to promoting making, gaming, and playful learning. Play Make Learn provides hands-on workshops that engage the audience in cutting-edge learning science ideas and experience; keynote speakers who have expertise in communicating state-of-the-art design, education, and research; demonstrations of new and upcoming games and technology; and networking opportunities meant to spark new projects.


Play new games and consoles with your colleagues in the arcade


Tinker and mess around with making


Enjoy discussions and presentations about making, games, play, and innovative learning and teaching

Conference Focus


  • Game design
  • Learning Games
  • ARIS
  • Field Day
  • Gear Learning
  • Games industry
  • Games in K-12
  • Games in Higher Ed


  • Making in a school district
  • Making at a tech school
  • Making at a public library

Personalized Learning

  • Conferring in personalized learning settings
  • Current research on personalized learning practices
  • CESA 1 personalized learning model

How Play Make Learn came to be

This conference grew out of partnerships among Games + Learning + Society, Filament Games, the Learning Games Network, the Playful Learning Conference, the Wisconsin Collaborative Education Research Network, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, and others who see a need to collaborate around making, playing, and learning in research, industry, and practice. We are grateful for our collaborative team:

  • Filament Games
  • Field Day
  • Gear Learning
  • Learning in the Making
  • Personalization in Practice
  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

2019 Sponsors

Play Make Learn is proud of its many sponsors including the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Education Outreach and Partnerships, The Network, School Of Education, and Wisconsin Center for Education Research.

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